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  • 内托防震EPE珍珠棉-白色

Inner shock-proof EPE pearl cotton-white

Product Name: Shockproof EPE Pearl Cotton Inner Support-White Processing Custom: Yes Material: EPE
Color: White Brand: EPE
Scope of application: balance car, TV bubble film width: 33 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 55 cm, 100 cm, 40 cm, others

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It has ultra-high resilience, smooth surface, rich toughness, and is not easily broken. It is one of the most advanced protective packaging materials in the world.

The surface of EPE is soft, white and pleasing to the eye. It has light weight, heat insulation, water resistance, moisture resistance, sound insulation, and corrosion resistance. It has strong anti-aging ability and good processing plasticity. It can expand the production of pink anti-static pearl cotton with anti-static coefficient. The resistance value can reach 1010Ω, and it has significant antistatic function; it can be combined with PO film and PE film on both sides, and can also be laminated with woven materials, which can increase tear strength and UV resistance.

Pearl cotton is the newest type of packaging material. It is manufactured with new technology. It is not easy to deform after molding, and has strong shock and pressure resistance. It can completely protect a series of loading, transportation, unloading, storage, The influence of display, sales and other links, the cup packaging choice Shengpingda EPE pearl cotton is your wise choice

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