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  • 优质进口料EPE珍珠棉包装

High-quality imported material EPE pearl cotton packaging

Product name: EPE pearl cotton packaging processing of high-quality imported materials: Yes
Material: EPE
Thickness: 5-500 (mm)
Scope of application: export packaging supply bubble film width: 33 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 55 cm, 100 cm, 40 cm

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Characteristics and applicable scope of “One-time thick foam / high-density pearl cotton imported from EPE”

1. Shockproof packaging
1. Packaging of televisions, refrigerators, home appliances and electric appliances, packaging of electronic instruments and office appliances.
2. Ceramic, glass, optical instrument packaging.
3. Loss-proof packaging for mechanical equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments and musical instruments.
4. Packaging for various export products.
Second, daily miscellaneous materials
1. Various luggage lining materials and materials for thermal insulation bags.
2. All kinds of mat materials for travel mats, heat-shielding and shading films for automobiles.
3. Timber for agriculture, aquatic products and sports
1. Greenhouse insulation materials, various aquatic industry buoyancy materials.
2. Buoyancy materials for life jackets and paddles.

Fourth, the characteristics of polyethylene "pearl cotton"
30-40 times higher foam molding products, light weight and certain sturdiness
Good softness and cushioning, its characteristics will not change under repeated impact
Very low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation
Foam material with independent bubbles, almost no water-absorbing fireproof material
High foaming and water resistance make it highly buoyant
Not affected by various climatic conditions, superior weather resistance
Foam material with independent bubbles has good shockproof and soundproof effects
Excellent workability such as cutting, running-in, laminating, vacuum forming, compression forming, etc.
Fine-bubble foam, smooth appearance, can be colored, showing beautiful effect
Production of flame retardant products through processing
Can be used for anti-static treatment.

EPE Pearl Cotton Imported Material One-time Thick Foam / High-density Pearl Cotton "can be used for damage-resistant packaging of machinery and equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments, and musical instruments.

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