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  • EPE珍珠棉异型材专业打样定制

EPE pearl cotton profile professional proofing customization

Product Name: Professional Proofing for EPE Pearl Cotton Profiles
Material: EPE
Thickness: 5-500 (mm)
Scope of application: power supply, medical bubble film width: 50 cm, 60 cm, 100 cm
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Pearl cotton classification
Pearl cotton: ordinary pearl cotton, wax-free pearl cotton, extra-flat pearl cotton, encrypted pearl cotton, encrypted hardened pearl cotton, antistatic pearl cotton, PO-coated pearl cotton, PE coated pearl cotton, aluminum-coated pearl cotton, plated The color film fits pearl cotton, pearl cotton, PS board (pearl board), KT board (advertising board) \ fireproof pearl cotton, pearl cotton bridge.
Shaped pearl cotton materials: tube-shaped, rod-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped and various shaped materials, pearl cotton components, pearl cotton can also be processed into various sizes of pearl cotton bags after lamination.

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