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  • EPE珍珠棉制作过程 2018-03-22 EPE pearl cotton production process
    EPE pearl cotton is mainly used for inner packaging. It is generally used in electrical appliances and other valuable items to protect it. It has the effects of water resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. It is an escort artifact for some fragile items. The following editors talk about the production process of EPE pearl cotton: 1. The raw materials are arranged in an orderly manner, and the signs are clear, so that the pickers can accurately collect the materials, which can save time and improve efficiency and win shipments for customers time.
  • 珍珠棉--环保包装的选择 2018-05-23 Pearl cotton--the choice of environmentally friendly packaging
    People's awareness of product packaging has been updated. In terms of product packaging, it is not only required to be beautiful and generous, but also required that the packaged products meet environmental protection requirements (no garbage, recyclable, and harmless to people's health). Everyone has been looking for a material that meets the requirements. EPE pearl cotton packaging material has just met people's requirements for environmental protection technology, so it has developed rapidly. With the increasing application of EPE packaging materials
  • 如何测试珍珠棉的硬度? 2018-05-16How to test the hardness of pearl cotton?
    Pearl cotton is a packaging material commonly used in the packaging industry. Pearl cotton can be used as packaging materials, sound insulation materials, floating materials and so on. However, for different occasions, the hardness requirements for pearl cotton are also different. How do we test this hardness of pearl cotton?
  • EPE珍珠棉最具有优势的特征是什么? 2018-05-09 What are the most advantageous characteristics of EPE pearl cotton?
    In the recent season of formal cricket maturity, the cricket in my hometown has a different taste from the outside. Although it is not as big as the one sold in the supermarket, it tastes much better than the supermarket. Xiao Bian's mother sent me a letter from the mainland, and she packed it in pearl cotton. After two days of express delivery, the pearl cotton was still safe. Here we can see that the protective properties of EPE pearl cotton are very good. What are the most advantageous characteristics of EPE pearl cotton?
  • 箱包用EPE珍珠棉有什么优势? 2018-04-25What are the advantages of EPE pearl cotton for bags?
    Polyethylene foamed cotton is a non-crosslinked closed-cell structure, also known as EPE pearl cotton, a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. It is composed of low-density polyethylene grease through physical foaming.
  • 珍珠棉在包装行业中的地位 2018-04-11The position of pearl cotton in the packaging industry
    What is the status of pearl cotton in the packaging industry? Pearl cotton packaging material has been a fire in recent years, has better shock resistance, and is cheaper in environmental protection. Online shopping is becoming more and more frequent, and most businesses are basically small profits but quick turnover. Adding expensive packaging materials is really nothing. After all, at this time, a new type of packaging material, pearl cotton, appeared. It is cheap and easy to use, and it is also environmentally friendly. It is undoubtedly a good choice for businesses.
  • 易碎品到底用什么包装比较好呢? 2018-03-29 What packaging is better for fragile products?
    After the Queen's Day, a certain treasure has developed a "new year and new fashion", but many girls receive courier delivery non-stop, inevitably there are some violent logistics, courier damage. For the seller, it is also a headache, after all, the product is damaged, and he also has losses. What packaging is better for fragile products?
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