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EPE pearl cotton production process

Source: Shenzhen Shengpingda Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018-03-22 Traffic: 1917

EPE pearl cotton is mainly used for inner packaging. It is generally used in electrical appliances and other valuable items to protect it. It has the effects of water resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. It is an escort artifact for some fragile items.


The following editors talk about the production process of EPE pearl cotton:

1. The raw materials are arranged in an orderly manner, and the identification is clear, so that the picker can pick up the materials accurately, which can save time and improve efficiency and win shipping time for customers.

2. Laminated cutting, can cut a large number of EPE pearl cotton sheets at one time, standard and large shipments, neat sheets are easily transported to the next production process

3. High-speed automated punching machine, making beautiful semi-finished products-pearl cotton frame at a quantity of thousands per hour

4. Skillful viscose technology, bonded into a strong and practical chassis EPE bracket.

5. The process of mass-producing EPE pearl cotton stent has been completed. After being packed in neat and generous plastic bags, a uniform quantity and uniform packaging will be shipped to the warehouse for storage registration. The entire batch of high-quality packaging materials is waiting to be delivered to the destination designated by the customer.

Process flow

Plastic granules → recipe mix → heating extrusion → blowing agent injection → mixed plasticizing → extrusion → cooling molding → sizing cut → cooling traction → flattening → winding → finished product

Firstly, the polyethylene and other raw materials are mixed uniformly, put into the hopper of the extruder, and melt-kneaded through the extruder with a large aspect ratio. At the same time, the foaming gas and molten monoglyceride are injected into the extruder at a high pressure, and the melted The mixed plastics are evenly mixed, extruded from the die and die, and formed into a foamed sheet (film) product after cooling, pulling, flattening and winding.

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