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Pearl cotton--the choice of environmentally friendly packaging

Source: Shengpingda Technology Time: 2018-05-23 Clicks: 630

People's awareness of product packaging has been updated. In terms of product packaging, it is not only required to be beautiful and generous, but also required that the packaged products meet environmental protection requirements (no garbage, recyclable, and harmless to people's health). Everyone has been looking for a material that meets the requirements.


EPE pearl cotton packaging material has just met people's requirements for environmental protection technology, so it has developed rapidly. With the increasing application of EPE packaging materials, especially the rise of the electronics industry, the EPE packaging material production industry has become an important industry for economic development in China.

EPE is widely used in product packaging. Such as electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinets, hardware lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spraying, furniture and furniture, alcohol and resin and other high-end fragile gift packaging, hardware products, toys, Packaging of fruits, leather shoes, and daily necessities.

The environmental protection characteristics of EPE pearl cotton have been recognized in the world. EPE has no other chemical components in the production process. Waste EPE can be recycled and reused, can be degraded, has no pollution to the environment, and meets environmental protection standards. The current situation of EPS styrofoam destroying the ecological environment shows the advantages of EPE in environmental protection. So pearl cotton has become the preferred choice for environmentally friendly materials.

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