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What are the reasons for the widespread use of EVA products?

Source: Shengpingda Release time: 2017-10-12 Click volume: 1084

EVA has a wide range of applications. China ’s annual market consumption is constantly increasing, especially in the shoe industry, which is used in the soles and interior materials of high-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals. But now, with the continuous development of technology, EVA products are increasingly used.


With the improvement of various qualities such as life, people's requirements for building decoration have also increased. For example, modern people's decoration focuses more on environmental protection and energy saving. The EVA product is a new type of exterior wall decoration component. In continuous improvement and improvement, it can completely replace the traditional cement component. This means that the bulky construction method will never happen again. At the same time, EVA products can not only reflect the European classical and elegant decoration style, but also ensure that the main building exterior wall does not appear cold and hot bridge effect.

But EVA products are widely used. In addition to the above reasons, what are the main features of EVA products? The main feature of EVA products is that they can be processed randomly. Of course, according to the accurate analysis of our related personnel, the EVA product is designed and shaped by computer, automatically cut, the production period is short, and the material used for this product is a lightweight material. The aggregate of the EVA product is polyethylene, and the weight of the finished product is about 1/6 of the cement decorative line, and one person can move and construct it at will.

Moreover, there are no gaps between the lines, mainly because the same gap filler is used as the wall bonding, and no cracks will occur in the later stage. Long service life, strong bonding, and has national standards and specifications, and has proven to be safe and reliable in a large number of engineering applications, thus avoiding the hidden dangers of anchor bolt construction and anchor corrosion, and completely solved external problems The problem of cold and hot bridge insulation outside the wall. The most important thing is easy installation, using special materials and bonding methods, one person can complete the construction. In the two major projects, only the bonding operation is required to complete the installation.

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