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  • 珍珠棉代替了传统包装材料 2017-04-15 Pearl cotton replaces traditional packaging materials
    Pearl cotton is widely used in automotive cushion pillows, electronics, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinets, hardware lighting, crafts, glass, ceramic appliances, spraying, furniture, furniture, alcohol and resin, etc. , Hardware products, toys, fruits, leather shoes, inner packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging. After adding black antistatic agent and flame retardant, its outstanding performance is even more obvious. Not only exquisite appearance, but also effectively prevent static electricity and burning EPE pearl cotton
  • EPE珍珠棉制作过程 2018-03-22 EPE pearl cotton production process
    EPE pearl cotton is mainly used for inner packaging. It is generally used in electrical appliances and other valuable items to protect it. It has the effects of water resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. It is an escort artifact for some fragile items. The following editors talk about the production process of EPE pearl cotton: 1. The raw materials are arranged in an orderly manner, and the signs are clear, so that the pickers can accurately collect the materials, which can save time and improve efficiency and win shipments for customers. time.
  • 广州珍珠棉异型材批发 2020-03-28 Guangzhou pearl cotton profile wholesale
    Recycling, strong toughness, etc. also have good chemical properties. Pearl cotton profiled material 7, micro-bubble foam material, smooth appearance, can be colored, showing a beautiful effect 8, flame-retardant products produced by processing, can be used for anti-static treatment EPE is a kind of expandable polyethylene, also known as pearl cotton. It is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and has good chemical resistance. EPE has a good market prospect. This is also because it has very ...
  • 佛山ixpe导电棉工厂 2020-03-27 Foshan ixpe conductive cotton factory
    Thermal insulation, aquaculture floating equipment, luggage linings, protective pads for sporting goods, etc. ixpe conductive cotton reduces the packaging process and saves manpower. Film-making: Film-making is fast and the cost is low. Cleanliness: dust-free, non-toxic, non-pollution. Bearing capacity: An AIRBAG single-tube gas column can bear a weight of about 100kg. Protection force: high-quality PE + PA film, sturdy and durable, high air tightness, and can also provide Time is not leaked ...
  • 广州epe珍珠棉定制 2020-03-26 Guangzhou epe pearl cotton custom
    It is composed of low-density polyethylene ester through physical foaming to generate numerous independent bubbles. Epe pearl cotton has good softness and cushioning. 2. Low thermal conductivity and excellent heat insulation. 3. Foam material with independent bubbles, almost No water-absorbent waterproofing material, high foaming and excellent water resistance, making it have strong buoyancy 4. Not resistant to various chemicals and corrosive materials, not affected by various climatic conditions, superior weather resistance 5, independent bubbles The foam material has good sound insulation ...
  • 深圳epe珍珠棉批发 2020-03-25 Shenzhen epe pearl cotton wholesale
    It is a substitute for the sunshade of some chemical equipment refrigerators and camping equipment. epe pearl cotton pearl cotton is a material that is easy to process and handle. Pearl cotton is a semi-rigid foam material composed of low-density polyethylene resin through physical foaming and numerous independent bubbles. The foaming ratio is 30-40 times. The appearance of pearl cotton has various specifications, such as sheet, coil, tube and rod. EPE has excellent shock resistance, dust resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation ...
  • 东莞防震珍珠棉膜厂商 2020-03-24 Dongguan shock-proof pearl cotton membrane manufacturer
    Eggs, red wine and other food industries, as well as televisions, computers, electronics, washing machines, shock-resistant pearl cotton membranes Weight: Light Chemical: Anti-corrosion, anti-aging ability Strong buffering: The product is completely covered and has excellent buffering. Environmental protection: large volume, polyethylene environmental protection material, 100% recyclable and reusable image: beautiful appearance, enhance product grade and company image. User use: simple packaging operation, delivery makes ...
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